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100 Year Proclamation

May 21, 2023
By Mountain View Academy

100 Year Proclamation

Mountain View City Hall

May 9, 2023


Our Principal, Marc Andres, accepted the City of Mountain View's Proclamation for Mountain View Academy in honor of the school's 100th year in the city. Principal Andres accepted the proclamation given by Mountain View's Mayor, Alison Hicks.

Key persons of Mountain View Academy at the City Hall following the Proclamation.  Marc Andres (MVA Principal), Ken Bullington (CCC Vice President of Education), Renee Tabiolo-Koerner (Board Chairperson), Miryam Castaneda (HSC leader), Rose Shimizu (Development).

Some Words from the Proclamation:

"Whereas, Mountain View Academy (MVA) is celebrating 100 years of providing high school education in Mountain View, and MVA is a secondary school (grades 9 - 12)and is part of the Seventh-Day Adventist education system; and

Whereas, in September 1904, the Seventh-Day Adventist-run Pacicfic Press Publishing Association relocated to the newly incorporated City of Mountain View and brought with it about 100 families. At the time, Mountain View had a population of about 600 and was looking to grow…Pacific Press was one of the first large businesses and a major employer in the City. The Pacific Press campus is still there today, just down the street from the Academy on Villa Street and Shoreline Boulevard. From 1904 until 1906, employees sent their children to the Mountain View public grammar school, about one mile away from the Pacific Press… In 1922, the school began to offer 11th- and 12th-grade education and was known as Mountain View Union Academy. The first graduating class, consisting of seven students, finished their work in the spring of 1923. Since then, MVA has graduated nearly 3,500 students. Pacific Press left Mountain View in 1983, but the high school remains in continuous operation since graduating that first class in 1923; and

Whereas, as one of the oldest schools in Mountain View, MVA students, staff, and alumni have been a part of the community for a century as residents, patrons, caretakers, volunteers, employees, and employers…"