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A goal of the music department is to provide each student with the necessary skills to perform, hear, and appreciate music in the context of worship, as well as entertainment, and to make wise choices in the music they choose to hear and perform.

  • Music is a gift of God. As such, it should always be used to inspire, ennoble, and elevate.
  • The presence of music in our lives demands that we develop powers of discernment that enable us to make wise choices.

The Mountain View Academy Music Department consists of these three groups: Band, Choir, and RoyalAires.

  • Music and art students work together to create the ¬®Celebration in Sound¬® program for family and friends.
  • Each year the Choir, Royalaires, and Band will travel to a few of our 20 constituent churches to present the church services.
  • Each year the city of Mountain View invites the Royalaires to participate in the annual Christmas tree lighting at the Mtn. View Performing Arts Center.
  • The Choir, Royalaires, and Band hold special performances such as a Christmas Program and an end-of-the-year concert.