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We want every student to be successful. MVA focuses on mainstream college preparatory where academics are of the highest priority. We enhance our curriculum in a positive Christian atmosphere.

We encourage our students to go beyond basic learning by forming their own thoughts and opinions through the study and research of facts and evidence.

Each student is given a firm foundation to build upon through required areas of study and extra-curricular classes. We offer Advanced Placement classes and Honors classes for our advanced students.

Graduation requirements include a broad spectrum of subject areas in practical arts, fine arts, music, computer applications, religious studies, work experience/community service, health education, and economics.

Student success is our business. An outstanding 95% and more of our students each year move on to college. Many are accepted to well-known schools across the country and receive scholarships as well.

Founded in 1922, Mountain View Academy is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Ours is the second-largest parochial system in the world. We seek to meet the needs of all parents, regardless of religious affiliation, who desire an ideal Christian educational experience for their children.



The curriculum is developed and adopted at the upper levels of church organization, utilizing the skills of professionals in the field of education, science, math, history, and other fields.

According to a four-year study of over 51,000 students, “In all grades, in all sizes, students in Adventist schools outperformed the national average in all subjects.” Adventist Education


For specific course descriptions, please refer to the Student Handbook 2023-2024