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Campus life at Mountain View Academy is filled with activities that create lifetime memories for all students involved. Our students participate in athletics, music, community service, and many other activities, which produces outstanding results in all areas of our activities. We encourage our students to take advantage of the campus life activities because they bring added benefits to the overall academic experience. So, if you are a student looking to get involved, here is your invitation to check out MVA’s various activities to have fun, learn and build relationships that last a lifetime.


Mountain View Academy offers various sports activities for our students to develop their physical and social development.

Mission Trips

Mountain View Academy has been an active participant in mission work. Our students have traveled to various countries serving the needs of others.

International Club

The purpose of the International Club is to provide our International students with a feeling of family - a home away from home.

Music Department

A goal of the music department is to provide each student with the necessary skills to perform, hear, and appreciate music.

National Honor Society

Our NHS students are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in character, scholarship, leadership, and service.

Student Association

The MVA Student Association's goal is to bring the student body together outside of the classroom and form a lasting bond for our students.

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