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  • Volunteer Information

    MVA Volunteer Information

    Mountain View Academy appreciates the support of volunteer parents and others who drive and supervise on field trips and other off campus events.

    After conversing with our Principal about volunteering you will be directed to this page in order to complete the process of clearance.

    • To insure the highest level of safety for our students we do ask our volunteers to provide information that demonstrates their reliability.
    • Submit to the office a photocopy of your drivers license.
    • Submit to the office a copy of your insurance coverage (if driving your own vehicle)
    Complete the new Child Protection Screening process in partnership with the North American Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
    • View and use this document to assist in the screening process:  (Click Here)
    • Click on the link and complete the screening process (Click Here)

    All volunteers will be notified by email from Verified Volunteers after the background check is complete.