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    Perks of raising your kid in SDA School

    Seventh-day Adventist schools are healthy school environments based on Christian principles. The Seventh-day Adventist education system focuses on students in spiritual, mental and physical well-being and has powerful examples of success to prove it.

    • More than 80% of Adventist school graduates go to college and graduate, compared with 14% of public school graduates.
    • Adventist students perform above the national average, regardless of subject and demographics, as their skills increase with time spent in Adventist schools.
    • Parents value the stable learning community of Adventist schools and their closer relationships with their children’s teachers.

    If you’re looking for the best SDA Schools near you then you’ve come to the right place. As we’re placed in the list of top United States Seventh Day High Schools, we realize that the early years are the most abundant and basic school year in a child’s life. The child’s first educational experience helps him/her to determine the type of future he’ll live as a learner and citizen. For this reason, we seek to develop students to investigative their spirit and learn pleasure in a Christian environment. We’re determined to give the top Christ-centered environment to the children so they can grow their healthy minds to explore the truth of both worlds.

    To manage the Seventh Day Adventist Schools USA, We have a goal to provide the Seventh-day Adventist Christian education environment in the context, philosophy, and doctrine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In this case, young people in our great institute and the surrounding areas can reach their full potential as our students grow into inspirational souls. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive high school curriculum to help our students serve the family, the community and God.

    Our institute is a place where families, schools and churches act as co-owners to enhance all aspects of the learning environment. Schools and churches, as well as educational institutions of society, develop and complete family work. We believe that students need an educational paradigm based on in-depth research and sound learning theories. As the administrators, We will work with all stakeholders in the learning community to create a school that meets the needs of 21st-century students. We provide teachers with the tools and resources they need to excel in the classroom to develop a level of mastery that will improve your kid’s learning. It will be a place to share values, and everyone will have a sense of interest and belonging.