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  • Scholarship and Endowment Funds

    Scholarship and Endowment Information for eligible students (School Year: 2023- 2024)

    Mountain View Academy is part of the Central California Conference of SDA. As part of this organization, MVA Students that belong to one of the Seventh-Day Adventist Churches in this conference are eligible to apply for their Scholarship and Endowment Funds. Please click on the link to find the complete list of scholarships and endowments available through the Central California Conference. Scholarship Plans Revised 2023-2024

    Central California Conference Scholarships

    CCC Endowment Fund (Elementary and Secondary Students Only)


    Elementary and secondary students only; parents or applicant must hold membership in a CCC church; must demonstrate financial need; maintains an acceptable academic record; parents or sponsoring church member must make a financial commitment to the local school; does not receive tuition assistance as the child of a denominational employee.


    All applications must be submitted online through FACTS. (FACTS is the School Information System used in all but one of our schools. We are using their Financial Aid Assessment Service to determine family financial needs. https://online.factsmgt.com/aid.)

    FACTS Information – You will be required to submit information online directly to FACTS

    • You must contact your school to obtain your school’s FACTS Institution ID number.
    • Copies of your 2020 Federal tax forms including all supporting tax schedules.
    • Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF.
    • A Current email and phone number that you regularly use must be provided to FACTS so they can provide you with information on the status of your application or request additional information.
    • You will also create an account with FACTS to apply for the scholarship.

    Amount—varies depending on the number of eligible applicants and their financial needs.  This is a needs-based scholarship that also takes into account the cost of living for your area.

    The deadline is May 19, 2021, for the 2021-2022 school year.   Please note that students who are new to a school and apply after the deadline may apply to FACTS through September 16.

    Three-way Matching Fund (Elementary, Secondary and Participating Colleges)


    Full-time students enrolled in a CCC Adventist school in grades K-12, PUC, Walla Walla, and Oakwood College. Parents or applicants must hold membership in a CCC church.

    Three-way Match

    Between the local church, the conference, and the school.


    K-12 applicants must contact their school principal or business manager prior to applying. College applicants must contact their church pastor/treasurer. A church check for up to $300 issued to CCC must be attached to the application before it can be processed by the CCC Office of Education.

    • Amount – maximum of $300 from each entity for a total of $900.
    • Restrictions – Each school/church has a limited number of applications that may be submitted.
    • Deadline is June 30, 2020
    New Member Evangelism Fund (Elementary and Secondary Students Only)


    First-time enrolled students in grades K-12 who have been baptized or at least one parent who was baptized or joined the Adventist church within the last five years are eligible to apply for a 20% scholarship towards tuition cost the first and second year.


    Available through principals, business managers and pastors. Applications are processed through the CCC Office of Education. This scholarship is for new Adventist families.

    • Amount – 20% of tuition. Renewable for a 2nd year. (Total of two years scholarship available)
    • Deadline – Open  Enrollment based on the availability of funds.
    • Second Year Renewal Deadline is June 30 of the current school year.
    Central California Conference Minority Fund


    Student/family must be a member(s) of a Hispanic, Asian or African American CCC church.


    Contact your church pastor or treasurer for further information on the availability of these funds.


    The Treasury Department will notify the church by letter of the amount available for them to use in awarding assistance.

    Central California Conference Faith Advance


    Requests for assistance from the Conference Faith Advance are to be processed through the principal and/or financial office of the school. The local school board is responsible for determining eligibility and the process for obtaining help from this fund. The school submits the names of students they deem eligible for assistance to the Office of Education and the conference issues a check to the school for the total amount requested for students to be applied to their accounts. The amount per school is determined by a formula involving the church membership and Conference Faith Advance offering received by the conference. The amount per student is determined by the school.

    • Applications – There is no application. Automatically processed by the school.

    Pacific Union Scholarships

    Pacific Union Endowment Fund (Secondary and College Students Only)


    Full-time students enrolled in a Central California Conference Adventist school in grades 9-12, or at La Sierra University, Loma Linda University, Montemorelos University, Oakwood College, and Pacific Union College; does not receive tuition assistance as the child of a denominational employee.


    9-12 grade applicants must work with their school principal or business manager prior to applying. Applicants will be selected by the school based on financial need. College applicants should first contact the CCC Office of Education or the college or university. All applications are processed through the CCC Office of Education.

    • Amount – Varies depending on number of eligible applicants.
    • Deadline is June 30, 2020
    Baybarz Scholarship (Elementary Students Only)
    • Eligibility—elementary students enrolled in a CCC Adventist school.
    • Applications–Students are selected by the school, processed by the Union, and approved by the CCC Office of Education.  Apply at https://pacuniongrants.smapply.io.
    • Grants—two grants per CCC school are given for the year.
    • Amount—varies, depending on balance in the fund.
    • Deadline is June 30 of the current school year.
    Pacific Union Conference Entering Freshman Scholarship (Entering Freshman to La Sierra University and Pacific Union College)
    • Eligibility—First-year freshman incoming students to Pacific Union College or La Sierra University.  Available for members (student or parents) of a Pacific Union Seventh-day Adventist church or a non-SDA student who has attended a secondary school in the Pacific Union Conference.
    • Applications—Completed with the admissions office at La Sierra or Pacific Union College.   Use this link to apply: https://pacuniongrants.smapply.io.
    • Amount—$2000 for each approved scholarship
    • Additional InformationPlease refer to the information poster.
    How to Apply for Pacific Union Conference Scholarships (Video)

    The video links below have been provided by the Northern California Conference (NCC) Education Department to assist their conference families on the NCC and the Pacific Union Conference scholarship process.

    Please be advised: If you are a Central California Conference member, please watch the section covering only the Pacific Union Conference scholarship process.

    Note: Mountain View Academy does not have the authority to award these Conference or Union funds to any applicant. These awards are handled through the Central California Conference.