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  • Private High School In San Francisco-NTU

    Private Christian School in San Francisco with a Comprehensive Guidance

    Comprehensive guidance ensures that students receive the personal and academic support that they need to be successful throughout their high school experience. We encourage our students to evolve into a kind and well-rounded person, who is responsible to change their world and the world around them for the better. Mountain View Academy is one of the Best High School in San Francisco that runs with the purpose of providing the mainstream college preparatory institution where academics is the main priority.

    Advanced Learning to Meet The Expectations of the 21st Century

    We are continuously thriving for a well-rounded growth of our students and our faculty and administration, alumni, parents, and friends. Through our founding philosophy, we lay emphasis on the core values like developing expertise, confident self-expression, academic excellence, and grounded core values. We empower our students to face the challenges thrown by the technological advancement in the 21st century uprightly. Our core curriculum focuses on developing academic stamina through our precise classical education. Our expert teachers apply proven methods while working with their students and to make them individual learners. Our comprehensive college preparatory program ensures that students are ready for the next steps in their academic life.

    We Empower Students to Embrace Growth and Education.

    We empower our students to embrace growth and face the advanced challenges of the globally connected society of the 21st Century. Our curriculum includes wholesome college preparatory courses and extensive extra-curricular offerings. Students develop a creative bent while they are mastering the class content. Their focus on individual passion makes them more creative, and self-motivated. As they encounter challenges and take risks, the students become confident leaders and contributors inside and outside of the classroom. We are a Private High School in San Francisco with a goal to make our students capable of delivering ultimate cross-cultural awareness, understanding, and compassion. As our students are cultivating the ability to think deeply and express confidently, they also learn to use technology responsibly and innovatively at the same time. Our teachers foster all of these qualities and abilities through their unique and expert teaching techniques and technologies, high expectations, and consistent feedback. More than anything our teachers at Mountain View Academy treat students with care and respect, nurturing their social, emotional, and physical well-being while grooming them with the right kind of academic growth.