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    Why choosing Christian School for your kid

    Jesus the best teacher

    Children learn best when they see the interrelationship between the subject and their world rather than isolated information. You may know the old question of the student “When will we know this?!??”. Think of this as the difference between eating a delicious cake and not eating each ingredient separately. We welcome Jesus Christ as our life and active participation in the Private Christian school California. He is a “master teacher” who combines knowledge, wisdom and character. In the Christian worldview, we appreciate all aspects of life, including art, science, literature, history, mathematics, religion and culture.

    Benefits of Christian School

    Kids learn genuinely and honestly when they are able to identify the link between subjects in a way that illustrates the “big picture” of God’s integrity rather than isolated information. In our best Christian School in California, we created a space for absorption and reflection. We revisit historical events and identify the characters in the book. Through a wonderful feeling, our students learn and connect.

    Future of our students

    Progressive studies

    We incorporate children’s imagination into rich, proven literature, history, art and music to encourage students to question and explore the odds of the world. As real problems arise, students examine the truth beyond history, they become passive learners and become learners of participation and interest. A master’s degree in art, literature, music and science can encourage students to appreciate the persistence and practice required for excellence in their work.

    Human Development

    This Christian school is deeply rooted in tradition and pride. The main goal of the Christian School is to prepare children of the 21st-century who will inherit the will of their ancestors to progress more into the modern era. Our students will turn themselves into excellent communicators, actual thinkers who would want to explore reality, collaborators and creative individuals. Christian studies have shown that the more contacts and participation students have with God in high school, the more successful they are. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves through our outstanding advanced courses, or through our excellent programs and academic courses.

    What really makes us feel is that all students are accepted and respected by the management. We uphold social independence and celebrate the individuality of each student. We want our students to be welcome and know that they are safe. We hope that Edison’s four years will be a memory that your students will cherish for life.