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    Making an Impact on Students through Christ and Education

    The great Silicon Valley area is a top high-tech sector in the US and is renowned for the education system and the leading institutions that it beholds. Mountain View Academy is one of the best Christian college-preparatory high schools that believes in providing spiritual values and growth along with a strong educational foundation for the youth studying in their institutions.

    As we emphasize God’s love every day this helps us foster a strong faith amongst the students. As our students study Catholic Christian beliefs this encourages their desire to serve others, evolving into humble and responsible young women and men. Our teachers are always up to helping students achieve success by setting high goals and providing individual assistance. So much so that the Students actually love being in the classroom.

    The Academics and Student Life

    As one of the Best Schools in Silicon Valley, Mountain View Academy offers Godly wisdom, family values, and world-class education to its students. There’s a wholesome educational system that varies from strong academics to technology and arts and also focuses on exceptional extracurricular activities. We lay stress on providing an education that goes beyond basic learning and allows students to be themselves and form their own thoughts and opinions with the help of the education that they get through studies and practices.

    The Christian education that we impart consists of more than just classroom studies. The wide range of extracurricular activities that we offer is included with a primary objective of enhancing the educational experience of each student with us.

    The Educational Purpose We Continuously Strive for :

    Our purpose is to make every student successful. We give top priority to academics and our curriculum is framed in a positive Christian environment. If you want a school that has a traditional and biblical educational philosophy for education, you must find all of this at Mountain View Academy. Ours is one of those Private Schools in Silicon Valley that truly seeks to be a Christian school in more than the name only. The spiritual growth of our students and salvation is really important to us. In spite of the fact that we have students from all sorts of different backgrounds, we emphasize developing humility and Christ’s character in each of our students and keeping our classroom atmosphere constant at the same time.

    Equipping students with the best Education and Knowledge

    Mountain View Academy is a high school that offers a meticulous college-prep academic program designed to meet the entrance requirements for the State Universities and College systems. Each course is based on the foundation of a Biblical philosophy and offers opportunities for students to apply their educational knowledge in various ways through project-based learning.

    The Mission of Mountain View Academy is to provide a Christ-centered education along with Content

    If you are looking for a Christian High School Bay Area you will find Mount View Academy the perfect institution for your children. We believe in imparting traditional and Christian values along with the education that makes our students able for daily living and eternal life. The lessons prepared by our teachers are so well planned and purposeful that they fulfill the criteria of providing wholesome education along with the basic values for life. We guide our students to participate and share their ideas during the classroom sessions in order to create a conducive environment for each student to learn. The entire education program consists of a combination of classroom studies, practical knowledge, sports and arts, and a time-tested curriculum for extra-curricular activities in order to make a well-rounded development in each of our students. We work with the purpose of helping our students reach their educational and career goals. And, more importantly, to help them evolve into a human being who strives to serve Christ continuously in their everyday life.

    The Academic Preparation

    Students in our high school receive outstanding academic preparation as well as different opportunities in various fields like sports, music, and other social activities. The Christian values and Bible instructions enhance character development in our students whereas the classroom programs and the practical learning make them capable of a daily living. Success for each student is our main motto. A percentage of almost 95% of students passing out from our institute move to college. And a good number of our students have achieved accolades and scholarships from renowned institutions. That’s why we are the Best Christian High School in Bay Area. We firmly believe in providing a strong foundation for each student that is built on overall development with the right combination of required areas of study and extracurricular classes. We also provide Advanced Placement classes and Honors classes for our advanced students.

    Private Christian School in San Francisco with a Comprehensive Guidance

    Comprehensive guidance ensures that students receive the personal and academic support that they need to be successful throughout their high school experience. We encourage our students to evolve into kind and well-rounded person, who is responsible to change their world and the world around them for the better. Mountain View Academy is one of the Best High schools near San Francisco that runs with the purpose of providing the mainstream college preparatory institution where academics are the main priority.

    Advanced Learning to Meet The Expectations of the 21st Century

    We are continuously thriving for the well-rounded growth of our students and our faculty and administration, alumni, parents, and friends. Through our founding philosophy, we lay emphasis on the core values like developing expertise, confident self-expression, academic excellence, and grounded core values. We empower our students to face the challenges thrown by technological advancement in the 21st century uprightly. Our core curriculum focuses on developing academic stamina through our precise classical education. Our expert teachers apply proven methods while working with their students and to make them individual learners. Our comprehensive college preparatory program ensures that students are ready for the next steps in their academic life.

    We Empower Students to Embrace Growth and Education.

    We empower our students to embrace growth and face the advanced challenges of the globally connected society of the 21st Century. Our curriculum includes wholesome college preparatory courses and extensive extra-curricular offerings. Students develop a creative bent while they are mastering the class content. Their focus on individual passion makes them more creative, and self-motivated. As they encounter challenges and take risks, the students become confident leaders and contributors inside and outside the classroom. We are a Private High School in San Francisco with a goal to make our students capable of delivering ultimate cross-cultural awareness, understanding, and compassion. As our students are cultivating the ability to think deeply and express themselves confidently, they also learn to use technology responsibly and innovative at the same time. Our teachers foster all of these qualities and abilities through their unique and expert teaching techniques and technologies, high expectations, and consistent feedback. More than anything our teachers at Mountain View Academy treat students with care and respect, nurturing their social, emotional, and physical well-being while grooming them with the right kind of academic growth.

    Why choosing Christian School for your student

    Jesus the best teacher

    Children learn best when they see the interrelationship between the subject and their world rather than isolated information. You may know the old question of the student “When will we know this?”. Think of this as the difference between eating a delicious cake and not eating each ingredient separately. We welcome Jesus Christ as our life and active participation in the Private Christian school in California. He is a “master teacher” who combines knowledge, wisdom, and character. In the Christian worldview, we appreciate all aspects of life, including art, science, literature, history, mathematics, religion, and culture.

    Benefits of Christian School

    Students learn genuinely and honestly when they are able to identify the link between subjects in a way that illustrates the “big picture” of God’s integrity rather than isolated information. In our best Christian School in California, we created a space for absorption and reflection. We revisit historical events and identify the characters in the book. Through a wonderful feeling, our students learn and connect.

    Future of our students

    Progressive studies

    We incorporate children’s imagination into rich, proven literature, history, art, and music to encourage students to question and explore the odds of the world. As real problems arise, students examine the truth beyond history, they become passive learners and become learners of participation and interest. A master’s degree in art, literature, music, and science can encourage students to appreciate the persistence and practice required for excellence in their work.

    Human Development

    This Christian school is deeply rooted in tradition and pride. The main goal of the Christian School is to prepare children of the 21st-century who will inherit the will of their ancestors to progress more into the modern era. Our students will turn themselves into excellent communicators, actual thinkers who would want to explore reality, collaborators, and creative individuals. Christian studies have shown that the more contacts and participation students have with God in high school, the more successful they are. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves through our outstanding advanced courses, or through our excellent programs and academic courses.

    What really makes us feel is that all students are accepted and respected by the management. We uphold social independence and celebrate the individuality of each student. We want our students to be welcome and know that they are safe. We hope that Edison’s four years will be a memory that your students will cherish for life.

    Seventh-Day Adventist world

    The Adventist World Church has more than 15 million members in more than 200 countries. Adventists have more than 7,200 schools worldwide and nearly 1.5 million students. They also manage 168 hospitals worldwide, 138 nursing homes and retirement centers, 442 clinics and orphanages, and children’s homes. In addition, the International Disaster Relief Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is funding more than 2,400 projects in 112 countries.

    See if you’re already an SDA or not

    The name “The Seventh-day Adventist” refers to two basic beliefs. Adventists will respect the fourth of the Ten Commandments of God and will worship on Saturday, the seventh day of the week. “Adventist” refers to the promise of the return of Jesus Christ and bringing his believers back to heaven. Adventists believe in the coming or coming of Jesus Christ.

    SDA School(An Institute of human development)

    Our children are a precious gift. We entrust them to take care of their various aspects of well-being and help them prepare for the future. An important part of what we provide for our children is a solid education that prepares them not only for their present life but also for their future lives. We are grateful to have a top-tier SDA High School in California for its excellence and best education. As an institute of human development, each child is personally valued as a precious child with a focus on the education of mind and soul. We encourage you to interact with the administration and staff when considering the Adventist School to meet the educational needs of your family.

    Advantages of studying in SDA School

    As a parent, you want your child to be the best. As a teacher, we are worried too.

    We believe that when Christ is at the center of everything we do, the best education will be born. The Bible is our foundation. Students who study at SDA high school in California go through a system of study that’s totally adaptive for a child which in result cultivate their spiritual, academic, physical, and social growth.

    Students of SDA School turn into fine citizens

    In Adventist schools, the freedom of self-reflection is respected and strengthened and students are encouraged to learn how to make the right moral decisions, regardless of their beliefs or belief systems. A key principle of the Seventh Day Adventist High Schools In California is that no one should be forced to become a member of the church, but voluntarily join. The children of Adventist parent(s) will become baptized members only when they are young enough to make decisions consciously and responsibly.

    Perks of raising your child in a Seventh-day Adventist School

    Seventh-day Adventist schools are healthy school environments based on Christian principles. The Seventh-day Adventist education system focuses on students in spiritual, mental, and physical well-being and has powerful examples of success to prove it.

    • More than 80% of Adventist school graduates attend college and graduate, compared with 14% of public school graduates.
    • Adventist students perform above the national average, regardless of subject and demographics, as their skills increase with time spent in Adventist schools.
    • Parents value the stable learning community of Adventist schools and their closer relationships with their children’s teachers.

    Explore the best institute for the study

    If you’re looking for the best SDA Schools near you then you’ve come to the right place. As we’re placed in the list of top United States Seventh-Day Adventist High Schools, we realize that the early years are the most abundant and basic school year in a child’s life. The child’s first educational experience helps him/her to determine the type of future he’ll live as a learner and citizen. For this reason, we seek to develop students to investigate their spirit and learn pleasure in a Christian environment. We’re determined to give the top Christ-centered environment to the children, so they can grow their healthy minds to explore the truth of both worlds.

    Our goal

    To manage the Seventh Day Adventist Schools USA, We have a goal to provide the Seventh-day Adventist Christian education environment in the context, philosophy, and doctrine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In this case, young people in our great institute and the surrounding areas can reach their full potential as our students grow into inspirational souls. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive high school curriculum to help our students serve the family, the community, and God.

    We work as a completely communicated one system

    Our institute is a place where families, schools, and churches act as co-owners to enhance all aspects of the learning environment. Schools and churches, as well as educational institutions of society, develop and complete family work. We believe that students need an educational paradigm based on in-depth research and sound learning theories. As the administrators, We will work with all stakeholders in the learning community to create a school that meets the needs of 21st-century students. We provide teachers with the tools and resources they need to excel in the classroom to develop a level of mastery that will improve their kid’s learning. It will be a place to share values, and everyone will have a sense of interest and belonging.

    An outline of the best high school

    A person spends more than half of her or his life as a student. When it comes to student life, schooling fills a more significant part of that time. Rightfully, an institution or a school is the second house of children as through various courses of childhood a school is where the children spend most of the time.

    The objective of schooling is to achieve the all-inclusive growth of a kid leading her or him to be responsible and also a successful citizen and ambitious professional. But a lot of people seek the Best High School In California for their kids’ security. Private schools like Mountain View Academy comprehend the prominence of the right school in shaping the life and the future of a kid through their quality education and teaching styles as well as world-class infrastructure.

    They mainly aim to offer the best of school education to the students. The Best Private High Schools In California come with an aim that is to assist each and every student to understand their skills and hone their talents to confirm the best possible development of them both as a person and academically as well. Eventually, these private schools also have very experienced mentors and teachers who guide their students throughout in every possible way.

    Knowing about the schools’ education system

    There are lots of Private Schools in California, and amongst all the Mountain View Academy is one of the prestigious schools that come along with a good quality education system. The teachers’ concern encompasses beyond making each and every student prepared academically. Their job entails motivating the skills and talents and also believing in the ideas to confirm that they grow up being an extremely confident person.

    Their systems of teaching have been formulated carefully in keeping with the requirements of the kids in recent days. They also keep the faith in hands-on knowledge whereby the learners have trained the pieces of training nearly through real-life examples and also a practical approach. They believe that the students have a more significant opportunity of imbibing the skill and knowledge when they are just made to realize the reasons and applications behind the lessons.

    A brief history of the Mountain View Academy

    Mountain View Academy in California has been known to provide public education since 1858. However, as the first students eventually completed their education, the need for a facility that provides higher studies became apparent. But since Mountain View lacked a high school, Mountain View Academy became the saving grace when it was created in 1904. Our inauguration marked the beginning of one of the Best High Schools In Mountain View CA. It has come a long way since it started out as a two-room structure, with a better plant built-in 1968. This new structure was built with an auditorium, a chapel, print shop. Apart from these other amenities like an economics room were added as its requirement rose. These timely adaptations and improvements are what has made us one of the highest-ranked Private High Schools in Mountain View.

    Our teachers at Mountain View Private School are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their subjects and dealing with students. This provides for high-quality relationships and offers more insight into faith in God. Along with that, our amazing staff successfully inculcates the practical and social skills a student would require as a part of their college preparation and life in general.

    If you are new to California or have been trying to decide on a school you need to send your children to; there is no better option than Mountain View Academy. Although academics are one of our strongest suits, we believe in promoting the overall development of a student. Our academic programs incorporate Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLR’s) which encourage every student to develop their intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social potential which further helps in the holistic growth of a child.

    Why choose us?

    We at Mountain View Academy started out by providing quality Christian Education to the children of the Seventh-day Adventist families that arrived from Oakland to Mountain View, after the relocation of the Pacific Press Publishing Association. Along with serving the Bay Area communities, we offer standard education to a body of culturally diverse students in a contemporary Christian environment.

    With such an amazing academic routine and accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, our graduates have no issues getting accepted at reputable universities and colleges throughout the country.