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    MVA COVID-19 Information and Resource

    Mountain View Academy has decided to start the school year virtually in compliance with Santa Clara County Health Department guidelines. As soon as the County allows, we will slowly bring students back on campus. Please refer to this page, as we will continue to update it as necessary.

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    Current Announcements

     11/16/2020 – Public Health Orders

    To reduce the likelihood of a surge in hospitalizations that would exceed the capacity of hospitals in the county, the Health Officer is making several modifications to the current Mandatory Directives applicable to businesses and county residents, including requiring that certain sectors modify their operations to increase safety, reducing the number of persons allowed in facilities at any one time, and reducing the size of outdoor gatherings. Further, certain higher risk activities will be prohibited.

    The Health Officer is also issuing a Mandatory Directive on Travel​, which strongly discourages leisure and non-essential travel, and requires persons entering the county to quarantine for 14 days upon return from travel of more than 150 miles.

    These revised and new Mandatory Directives will take effect on Monday, November 30, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. and will remain in effect until December 21, 2020 at 5:00 a.m. unless they are extended.

    On November 16, 2020, the State moved the County of Santa Clara into the Purple Tier (Tier One), the most restrictive tier in the State’s “Blueprint for a Safer Economy.”  The changes are effective at 12:01 am on November 17, 2020. The County’s new Mandatory Directive on Capacity Limitations describes the additional capacity limitations for businesses, entities, and activities under the Purple Tier.

    As always, Santa Clara County residents and businesses must follow both the State and County Health Officer Orders, and where there is a conflict between the two, the stricter Order must be followed.

    Information Link

    Campus Policy and Protocol

    When we have students return to campus, the following will apply:

    -Temperature and symptom check will be done daily

    -Masks must be worn at all times unless eating and drinking

    -Please DO NOT enter the Facility if you have a cough or fever

    -Please maintain a minimum 6-foot distance from other people

    -Please sneeze or cough into a tissue and discard in the trash washing your hands after

    -If a tissue is unavailable, please sneeze or cough into your elbow area

    -Please do not shake hands or engage in unnecessary physical contact

    Self Care & Prevention

    The CDC Has released basic guidelines for all to follow to reduce the rise in acquiring COVID-19 including:

    – Wash your hands often

    – Avoid close contact

    – Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when around others

    – Covers coughs and sneezes

    – Monitor Your Health Daily

    – Clean and Disinfect

    Get Specifics about each of these recommendations from the CDC at the link below.

    See CDC Recommendations for Self Care & Prevention of COVID-19

    How to Stop the Spread of Germs (PDF)

    COVID-19 Parent Information Corner 11.20.2020

    Do you know how to protect yourself from COVID-19? Regular practice of the following actions will keep you and those you care about safe.

    • Wash your hands with soap & water or use hand santizers that are at least 60% alcohol when soap & water is not available.
    • Properly wear your face mask (Covering your nose and mouth)
    • Cover you nose and mouth when you cough & sneeze
    • Socially distance by staying 6 feet apart from those not in your household
    • Stay home if you are sick

    Protect Yourself from COVID-19 – Video

    COVID-19 Parent Information Corner 11.13.2020

    “COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact (within about 6 feet) for a prolonged period. Spread happens when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, and droplets from their mouth or nose are launched into the air and land in the mouths or noses of people nearby. The droplets can also be inhaled into the lungs. Recent studies indicate that people who are infected but do not have symptoms likely also play a role in the spread of COVID-19. Since people can spread the virus before they know they are sick, it is important to stay at least 6 feet away from others when possible, even if you—or they—do not have any symptoms. Social distancing is especially important for people who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.” CDC Website

    Physical Distancing Video

    (English PDF)

    (Spanish PDF)

    COVID-19 Parent Information Corner 10.30.2020

    Keeping Everyone Safe

    Do you or your student need to be tested for COVID-19?

    Anyone experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms below should get tested, whether or not you are a close-contact to someone confirmed to have COVID-19.

    • Fever or chills
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fatique
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Headache
    • Sore throat
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting

    Please watch this video from Santa Clara County Public health to learn how to self check for symptoms (COVID-19 Symptom Self Check Video)

    What do I do if I am feeling ill?

    If you are feeling ill contact your doctor to be evaluated for testing:

    Click the link below to visit the Santa Clara County Public Health (SCCPH) COVID-19 site for further information regarding symptoms and actions to take if you suspect you are ill.


    Covid 19 Testing Sites

    Santa Clara County Testing Sites:

    There are many locations within Santa Clara County to get tested. Click the link below to visit the SCCPH COVID-19 site for more information about testing in Santa Clara County. You may also call your primary care physician for more testing information.


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