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  • Christian High School Bay Area-NTU

    Equipping students with the best Education and Knowledge

    Mountain View Academy is a high school offers a meticulous college-prep academic program designed to meet the entrance requirements for the State Universities and College systems. Each course is based on the foundation of a Biblical philosophy and offers opportunities for students to apply their educational knowledge in various ways through project-based learning.

    The Mission of Mountain View Academy is to provide a Christ-Centered education along with Content

    If you are looking for a Christian High School Bay Area you will find Mount View Academy the perfect institution for your children. We believe in imparting traditional and Christian values along with the education that makes our students able for a daily living and eternal life. The lessons prepared by our teachers are so well planned and purposeful that they fulfil the criteria of providing wholesome education along with the basic values for life. We guide our students to participate and share their ideas during the classroom sessions in order to create a conducive environment for each student to learn. The entire education program consists of a combination of classroom studies, practical knowledge, sports and arts and a time-tested curriculum for extra-curricular activities in order to make a well- rounded development in each of our student. We work with a purpose of helping our students reach their educational and career goals. And, more importantly to help them evolve into a human being who strives to serve Christ continuously in their everyday life.

    The Academic Preparation

    Students in our high school receive outstanding academic preparation as well as different opportunities in various fields like sports, music and other social activities. The Christian values and Bible instructions enhance character development in our students whereas the classroom programs and the practical learning make them capable for a daily living. Success for each student is our main motto. A percentage of almost 95%  of students passing out from our institute move to college. And a good number of our students have achieved accolades and scholarships from renowned institutions. That’s why we are the Best Christian High School in Bay Area. We firmly believe in providing a strong foundation for each student that is built on overall development with the right combination of required areas of study and extra- curricular classes. We also provide Advanced Placement classes and Honors classes for our advanced students.